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what are ISF Projects? 

Inclusive Schools Projects support small innovative Building Projects that make a big difference to meeting the educational and social needs of children and young people with disabilities. 

Inclusive Education is about ensuring that all students, regardless of disabilities or other differences, are able to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed in Victorian Government Schools. 

what are ABP Projects? 

Accessible Building Projects are projects designed to create required access to classrooms and School facilities for Staff and Students with a disability within Victoria Government Schools 

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what are EMP Projects? 

Emergency Maintenance Projects are projects designed to address areas of Victorian Government Schools which over time have become run down and require works to bring them back to a safe and working order for Staff and Students 

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Swinburne University

City Living Property Services has been working in conjunction with Swinburne University since we first started. We assist in all types of minor works projects they have to offer. 

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese

City Living has undertaken several large construction projects  through the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. Some of which include works at St Peter Chanel Primary school and St Joseph's Korumbarra Primary School.


What is the Archdiocese  ?

The Archdiocese is a religion run organisation that commits to the safety, well being and dignity of children and young adult.